The way restrooms in a house or office are maintained generally indicates the overall cleanliness of the household or office. This is the one place in a house which ought to be maintained spotlessly clean. But the fact is, the saline content in water in many places in Chennai compounded by the lack of care, make rest rooms messy places to behold. Dark stains on walls and rest room floors are common sights.

More than any other place in the house, the effect of our cleaning is more dramatic and apparent in toilets. There is a world of difference between the toilets before and after cleaning. Our De-scaling package is meant for toilets which have deep stains formed from a mix of soap and salt content in water.

Service includes:  

  • Cleaning the commode.
  • Soap wash of the entire toilet room.
  • Using special cleaning materials for removing stubborn stains.
  • Scrubbing and cleaning the floor & wall tiles.
  • Cleaning wash basins, toilet window, door, mirror, soap stand.
  • Cleaning and polishing of taps, shower etc.
  • Cleaning the light fittings inside the toilet.
  • Removing the blockages in shower heads.
  • One staff is sufficient to clean a toilet.